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nice blog.

Odundo Eric

With the expansion of the workforce, middle schools, high schools and postsecondary education institutions have quickly incorporated new and relevant tools, such as easy-to-use technology and industry-backed certifications- totally proactive

Robert Ndungi

All these efforts should be backed up by Continuous Professional Development (CPDs) so that they continually update themselves with the current technologies


Student on technical training needs thorough inspection on skills acquired. Nice post.


nice article. thanks for sharing.

john manyasi

very nice article. thanks for the post

Martin Buuri Kaburia

Always good contributions,keep it going.

Felix Rop

The library should play a role in this by aggregating relevant information


Rising in everything is the way to go




Information technology is growing too.


Thanks for sharing


We should use this data and instill the training that correlates with the job industry. Its such a good and powerful information to keep the unemployment issue at low levels.

Richard Maina

Please share more information about CTE curricula and certifications that CTE programs are using. Thanks


Great post


Thanks for sharing.


I think every training institution should read this. Most students come out of the institutions lack technical skills required in the labour market.


Quite informative.


This is a great programme which should be emulated and rolled out effectively especially in African set up


This programme can supplement the open and distant learning in all universities in Kenya



Martin Fernandes

Seems interesting.

merge pdf online

Interesting !!

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Nice post

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