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ACTE's Industry Connect Blog: Finding a Future in Agriculture

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than for this post especially people who are looking forward to Farming


Fields trips are very important to our students. I totally agree with you. Good work


I believe Agriculture is the future of the nations economic stability and the country that empowers its youth and women in Agriculture will never go wrong in food security. This will start by empowering the youth and women and giving them support necessary for them to move up in their farming and upgrade their homes.

Angwenyi Maobe Michael

This are brilliant ideas

Evelyn Wangari

To achieve food security we should think of farming.


this is a good idea ... actually ideas ... a country should adopt them for food security

Patrick Karuu

governments should increase budgets for agriculture to ensure better farming practices

Simon Kiplangat Bett

If all can embrace agriculture as a business activity and not as a hobby, the world would be having enough food and nobody, even in marginalized areas would starve. Agriculture is the way to go

Purity Karani

Great article. Agriculture is the solution to feeding the world; especially in the developing countries.

Magdalene Mwangi

Good information, thanks for sharing.


nice article!


Great article for sharing


its said, 'information is power'. Very insightful

Chrispinus Kulenya

it is true that teachers and students have overlooked careers in agriculture because of the stigma that these careers only relate to production agriculture.


Thanks for sharing

Odundo Eric

careers in agriculture should be emphasized to our students and strategies put in place to sustain the neo-agriculture reconnaissance


Interesting information

Geospatial &Space Technology

thank you for sharing this

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